Radio Frequency Shielding

About Us


CIR Enterprises, Inc. is a Colorado based, family owned business 

with over 40 years of combined RF experience. As a premier 

company dedicated to providing premier customer service. We offer 

a wide range of services to meet your project needs. 




We specialize in shielded enclosure manufacturing, modification, 

refurbishment, installation, and RF testing.  CIR manufactures and 

installs steel clad, clamp together, shielded enclosures. We 

recommend the steel clad system because, with its sturdy 

construction, it is more easily modified. 


 Our shielded enclosures house magnets manufactured by top names 

like GE Medical Systems, Siemens Medical systems, Philips Medical 

Systems, and Hitachi Medical Systems.

PRODUCTS and Services


RF Testing

  • IEEE-299
  • Mil-Standard 285
  • NSA 94-106
  • MRI - 100dB Shielding Effectiveness @128 MHz 
  • Standard EMC -100dB up to 10GHz 

Medical Imaging and Anechoic Chambers

  • Standard and Custom Designs 
  • Disassemble and Relocate 
  • New and Used Enclosures
  • Provided Warranty on All Work Completed 
  • Repairs and Maintenances as Needed 
  • RFI Shielded Doors New and Used
  • Do-It-Yourself 10' x 10' x 8' Kits 


  • All Sheet Modular Steel Chambers 
  • 3/4 MDF 28 gauge Steel 
  • CIR Manufactured Waveguides 
  • CIR Manufactured Pen Panel/Bulkhead

Portable Wireless Test Chamber


Custom made shielded enclosures that 

comes with a housing dolly for 

transportation convenience


CIR manufactures the P.W.T.C doors with 

double lining of finger-stock 


CIR provides a manual turntable for 

items under test


All PWTC's are made with the same 

materials as our shielded enclosures


All P.W.T.C's come fully lined with 

anechoic foam 


These chambers are made for 100dB 

shielding effectiveness @ 10GHz 

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